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Proudly born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, Zach grew up in Point Place, where both parents worked extremely hard to provide for their children. His father taught him the true meaning of work ethic from a young age, whether it was mowing the grass, shoveling the snow, or just putting forth the extra effort in sports. From this, he learned many valuable work lessons. Do more than what you’re paid for, add value to others, take pride in your work, you’re only as good as your last effort and always finish whatever you start.

Immediately after graduation, a 2010 graduate of Whitmer High School, he began working for a local company sharpening his skills in the pressure washing, window cleaning industry. At a very early age, Zach always wanted to be an entrepreneur. While at the age of  21, he ventured off into the entrepreneurial world, expanding his skill set. First, it was only part time, working as a “weekend warrior”. At 22, after losing his father, it changed his outlook on life and only a year later he dove all in. He started building and branding Titan Property Services.

Zach and his wife, Hope have been happily married since November of 2015. Also, they celebrated the birth of their first child in February of 2019! They live in beautiful, Point Place, are avid football fans, and have a tremendous passion for their two dogs, Rocky & Duke!

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