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toledo power washing


Soft washing is a cleaning approach which utilizes a low-pressure washing technique, alongside a combination of algaecides, water, bleach, and surfactants, to carefully and efficiently clean exterior surfaces. This technique is very efficient in cleaning surfaces of algae, organic dirt, and mildew. WHAT DIFFERENTIATES SOFT WASHING FROM POWER WASHING? Even though soft washing and power …


Pressure Washing Services

What Is The Difference Between Pressure And Power Washing?

Have you browsed the internet and seen satisfying pressure washing videos? To the average person, many of these videos are passed off as pressure washing. Still, some people can tell that some of these videos are actually power washing. It’s understandable why the two terms are used interchangeably. There is a difference between the two. …

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toledo power washing

Roof Washing

Hardly will you see a house out of ten that its roof has not been replaced earlier than anticipated. Many people still don’t know whether their roof needed to be cleaned or not. Of course, it’s needed to make your roof clean and attractive. Nobody likes to hear that their roof will be replaced. It …

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