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Making Your Home Look New Again!

With our various pressure washing services, we can clean and restore every area of your home or commercial building. Whether you are seeking to revitalize your home or prepare to list your home on the market, we can get your home in tip-top shape! Our various power washing services include pavement cleaning, driveway and walkway cleaning, rust removal, fence cleaning, deck cleaning, house washing, siding cleaning, exterior gutter cleaning, and roof washing. We can provide you a package discount for all of your cleaning needs by bundling several power washing services together. To get a free pressure washing consultation contact us  today, we would love to serve your home and make it look new again!

Benefits Of Our Erie Pressure Washing Service

Safety & Protection

Our pressure washing services are licensed and insured for your protection. Having an uninsured pressure washing company on your property leaves you vulnerable to having damage done to your property without any guarantee that the company would pay for damages done.

100% Satisfaction

We promise you a thorough and amazing pressure washing service from our crew at your home or commercial building. We guarantee to provide the highest level of quality that can be found in the market. If you are not satisfied with our power washing you don't have to pay us a dime!

After Hours Services

If you have a commercial building that requires cleaning outside of standard business hours, we can accommodate your time schedule. Whether you need the cleaning done at dawn or late at night we can have a professional staff pressure washing any and all areas of your property.

Concrete Power Washing

If your driveways or walkways are covered in oil stains, or any other unsightly grime living on your concrete surfaces, then you need a professional pressure washing service. In order to clean your concrete surfaces thoroughly and without leaving streaks you will need to hire a company that uses proper cleaning techniques and solutions. We don’t use a typical pressure washing nozzle to clean your concrete, rather we use a surface cleaner, which thoroughly applies high pressure and high heat evenly across all of your concrete surfaces, ensuring a proper cleaning without leaving any streaks behind. Check out how we restored this old walkway and made it look new again!

Before After
Before After

House Washing - Soft Washing

We all know how quickly a beautiful home can appear grimy and old due to algae growth and other stains on the exterior of your home. All of these stains can be quickly removed with a high pressure, power washing machine. However, using high-pressure on your home’s exterior building material can cause irreparable damage. This is why we offer low-pressure, soft washing techniques for your home. We can do this by utilizing high-temperature water and powerful cleaning detergents that will rid your home of any stains. Our soft washing service is gentle on your home but heavy hitting against mold, algae and any lichen festering on your home. Click to learn more about our house washing services.

Fence Washing

Our fence washing service is similar to our house washing service in that we can achieve a perfect clean without having to use high-pressure. No matter the material of your fencing whether it be wood or vinyl we can restore the original look that your fence once had. For wooden fences, we can strip away all of the dirt and grime and then also offer to you a staining service of your fence to keep it looking beautiful long after we have cleaned it.

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Before After

Rust Removal Power Washing

Rust does not only ruin everything it touches but it is also extremely difficult to remove. Using high-pressure washing alone will not always work for removing rust from various surfaces. We use special cleaning detergents that breakdown rust first, making it possible for us to then pressure wash away any and all rust. View the dramatic results we were able to provide to our client.

Roof Cleaning

Here in our Buckeye state, especially near lake waters, the humid air of our climate is a perfect storm for algae, lichen, and mold to grow on your roof. These organisms not only look terrible and make your home look unpresentable, but they also begin to eat away at your roof causing permanent damage. If left untreated these unwanted guests can cost you thousands of dollars in roofing repair. Our roof washing service will save you from having to repair or replace your roof and will also make your roof look brand new again. In some cases we don’t even need to access your roof, we can effectively wash your roof safe from the ground. Look at the amazing difference our house washing service can provide to your roof! If you would like a free roof cleaning consultation today please contact us and we will come to your home as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Titan Pressure Washing?

If you’d like to clean up any area of your home or commercial building while having a polite and professional crew carry out the cleaning for you, then Titan Pressure Washing is the clear choice for you! We are a small family business vested in the quality and craftsmanship of our services. We love our clients and want to serve them with all we’ve got, after all, you are the bloodline of our business. We believe in serving our clients first and foremost and from that, a healthy and vital business will be the fruit of our labor. Give us a call today to get any pressure washing service risk free, we won’t leave your property until you are 100% satisfied with our services.

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