Harroun Community Park

Harroun Community Park in Sylvania, Ohio

Located on a beautiful acre of land in Sylvania, Ohio, the Harroun Community Park offers a variety of recreational activities to local residents. The park features an amusement park with rides, picnic areas, playgrounds, and more. Additionally, the park is home to the Lathrop House, a historic landmark.

Lathrop House

Located in Harroun Community Park in Sylvania, Ohio, Lathrop House is the only Underground Railroad stop in northwest Ohio that is open to the public. During the mid-19th century, it was used as a secret room for slaves to escape. The Lathrop family moved to Sylvania in 1848. Lucian Lathrop was a farmer, a Universalist minister, and a state legislator in the Ohio legislature. He also served as county commissioner.

After the Fugitive Slave Act required the return of former slaves in free states, the Lathrops continued to provide shelter for escaped slaves. They built a barn on their property. The barn and the home were connected by a ravine. The former slaves lived in the basement of the home.

The house became a historical landmark and was recognized by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Several families occupied the house from the mid-1800s until 2001. The house was then sold to a private individual. In 2002, it was relocated to Harroun Park.

9/11 First Responders Last Call Memorial

Among the many monuments that can be found in Sylvania, Ohio is the 911 First Responders Last Call Memorial. The statue features a steel beam that was salvaged from the World Trade Center towers. It is fastened to an octagonal 70 yard reinforced concrete base. The name, a clever acronym, is attributed to a “Last Call” ritual at the WTC.

The First Responders and 9/11 memorial pays homage to the 403 first responders who died on September 11, 2001. The display is open to the public and free to tour. The 7,000 pound beam is the centerpiece of a section of the memorial that also features a reflecting pool, granite walls inscribed with names of the departed, and personalized pavers.

The surviving World Trade Center’s beam is not only a major feat of engineering, but it is also an artifact of the event. Its jib is a relic of the 1940’s Bucyrus Erie Crane.

The aforementioned 7000 pound beam was delivered to Northwest Ohio by a group of volunteers and escorted by local police and fire departments. It was a humbling experience.

David White’s acquisition of land in Sylvania

Located in Lucas County, Ohio, Sylvania is a suburb of Toledo and shares a northern border with Michigan. It is home to many attractions and world-renowned hotels. The town is known for its elaborate history and numerous landmarks.

Sylvania is a hub for events. Its Franciscan Center hosts a variety of live musical performances and regular seminars. It also offers access to the Toledo Express Airport. The nearby Lourdes College is a higher education institute.

The Lathrop House was a noteworthy building. It was the site of the first Methodist meeting in Sylvania. It was also an important part of the Underground Railroad. It was a safe haven for runaway slaves.

The Zoning Department issued a demolition permit for the house. Unfortunately, the city did not approve the permit. This led to a heated debate between the church and the city. The church’s offer was not in line with the local economics, and the city hoped to negotiate a reasonable price for the property.

Recreational activities

Those living in Sylvania are fortunate to enjoy a wide variety of recreational activities. The community is located in Lucas County, Ohio, near the border with Michigan. Known as “Tree City USA” for over thirty years, Sylvania has a commitment to urban forests. Several parks and sports facilities are available to residents, including the Sylvania Sports & Exhibition Center and Sylvania Golf Courses.

The Sylvania Historical Village and Heritage Center Museum is an excellent resource for learning about the history of the community. The site includes original and reproduction historical buildings. It is also a great place to learn about Northwest Ohio wildlife.

The Sylvania Branch Library recently received an expansion of 4,090 square feet. The Kroger grocery store is located at the corner of Harroun and Monroe streets. It offers a wide variety of products for all needs.

Sylvania is home to the Dana Open, a golf tournament held every year at Highland Meadows Golf Club. The course was designed by Willie Park Jr.



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