How Clogged Gutters Can Cause Unexpected Water Damage

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It is important to get your gutters cleaned every 6 months or at least once a year. This would stop any water damage from happening to your home. You may be wondering how this is linked, right? There are various aspects that we will cover below which will help you understand just that. If you live in (Toledo, OH) and are looking for gutter cleaning services, (Titan Pro Wash) would be the best option for you!

Your Roof Can Start Leaking

The purpose of gutter installation is to revert rainwater from reaching a specific point of the exterior of your property. However, if the gutters become clogged, they will stop serving their purpose. Due to this, the entire system you installed will fail. This will instead lead to your roof leaking and seeping through with water that is stagnant over there. Apart from this, the water will soon begin to overflow from the gutters and damage the sheeting placed underneath the roof. The sheeting is made from wood, as are the various materials placed with it to keep your roof intact. With the excessive water, these wooden materials will start to mold and rot. Once this happens, the water will further pass through to the ceiling of your home. Within two days, your whole ceiling could be infested with mold and staining. You would need to replace the entire roof and ceiling to ensure the safety of your home and belongings. This is probably the worst nightmare you could imagine going through – get your gutters cleaned regularly to avoid this.

The Foundations Of Your Property Will Start To Deteriorate

Another side effect of the overflowing water from gutters is the structural damage it will cause to your property. Slowly but surely, the water will begin to seep through the walls and floors of your home. This will cause hairline fractures to your property. However, if you do not check on this, this would be very dangerous for the entire structure of your home. If this happens in a colder season, the damages will be even worse. The cracks that are cause will be filled with water which will soon begin to freeze. As this happens, the cracks will start to grow and expand. Getting structural damage repaired is a hefty investment. Think twice before leaving your gutters uncleaned and unchecked.  

Your Property’s Gutters Will Become Too Heavy

Clogged gutters which are full to capacity with debris, leaves and water become extremely heavy. Their shape begins to change and the path they are set on starts to move, too. The gutter begins to peel off from the roof that it was attached onto. It could be very dangerous for people standing below the roof, if a gutter was to fall onto them.

Garden Or Backyard Can Be Damaged

The water that is overflowing from a clogged gutter will be channeled towards a garden or backyard you spent a long while setting. Apart from rain, this extra water onto your plants and flowers will cause them to drown and eventually die. It could also lead to the soil eroding.

Not getting your gutters checked or cleaned at proper intervals can be quite dangerous for your family’s safety. There are various ways that a clogged gutter can prove to be hazardous and hence, you should try to avoid this from happening. Schedule gutter cleaning from professional gutter cleaning service like (Titan Pro Wash) today!

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