How To Calculate Gutter Cleaning Costs

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Before you decide if you should hire a gutter cleaner, you may want to get an idea of how much it is going to cost. Fortunately, gutter cleaning services are affordable, regardless of the size of your home, and can save you thousands compared to roof and foundation repair. If you want to find out how much your gutter cleaning is going to cost, here are a few different ways you can get a general idea. If you still aren’t sure, many companies will offer free quotes for gutter cleaning.

Linear Foot Method

The most accurate method to price the cost of your gutter cleaning is the linear foot method. To calculate the linear foot of your home, simply measure the length of all the gutters you have around your house—it works out to the same length as all your walls. Once you have your linear foot, multiply $1 per linear foot for a one-story home and $2 per linear foot for a two-story home.

Square Foot Method

A faster way to determine the cost of gutter cleaning is the square foot method since many homeowners already know the square footage of their home. Simply take your square footage and multiply it by $0.40 for a single-story home and $0.80 for a two-story home.

Other Costs To Consider

If you have a home with three or more stories, it can significantly increase the cost of gutter cleaning; you can still get a rough estimate by adding the cost of cleaning a one-story and a two-story home together. If you have not had your gutters cleaned in a few years, the excess buildup could add additional cost to your initial cleaning since it will take longer to clean.

Finally, while not part of the cleaning cost, you may find additional costs if the cleaner finds damaged areas on your gutters. Replacing seamed metal is cheaper than replacing seamless metal gutters because the pieces are smaller. Installation of downspouts and gutter guards may add additional expense as well.

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