Middlegrounds Metro Park

Middlegrounds Metro Park

Middlegrounds Metro Park is a 28-acre urban park built on reclaimed land beside the Maumee River. It features an off-leash dog area, trails, and a riverfront park. There are also a number of attractions to visit in the Toledo, Ohio area. Read on to know more.

Riverfront park

Toledo, OH, is a bustling city on the west side of Lake Erie. This major port city has become a popular destination for dining, entertainment, and shopping. It also features a thriving Metroparks system. The parks offer visitors a chance to enjoy nature and the vibrancy of a city.

In order to restore the riverfront, Toledo Metroparks purchased 67 acres of land along the river. They plan to develop a new park on the land.

Located beneath the Anthony Wayne Bridge, the park will connect residents and tourists to the river and provide a gateway to the historic Maumee River heritage. Middlegrounds will also feature a dog park, canoe and kayak launch inlet, and a 2,500-square-foot covered pavilion.

The park will also include riparian wetlands, an upland prairie, and ecological programming elements. It will also have a unique “treatment train” system that will filter runoff from the river.

The Toledo Metroparks system offers more than just parks. It also has an interactive museum. Visitors can climb onboard a 617-foot iron ore freighter, learn about Toledo’s history through historic artifacts, and more.

Off-leash dog area

Middlegrounds Metropark has an off-leash dog area that is free to use. It’s located in downtown Toledo and features more than a mile of trails.

The dog park also has plenty of water fountains. There is even a kayak cove for you and your canine companion to splash around.

In addition to an off-leash area, Middlegrounds Metropark is also home to the Maumee River Water Trail. This greenway connects five metro parks and three wildlife areas.

Another off-leash dog facility is a quarter acre dog park at the Toledo Pet Farm, which opened in March. However, the Pet Farm is not a part of the Toledo-area park system.

The Middlegrounds Metropark Off-Leash Area is the only one of its kind in Toledo. Built on reclaimed riverfront land, the park’s main feature is a natural system that cleans runoff from the river.

The other main feature is a paved, level course that is wide enough for a wheelchair to pass. It’s a surprisingly fun and easy way to enjoy the outdoors with your canine companion. This article is worth to read.


Middlegrounds Metro Park is a 28-acre greenspace in Toledo, Ohio. It is located on the western bank of the Maumee River. The park features a 1.5-mile multi-use path that winds along the river. There is an off-leash dog area, a water station, and a kayak launch.

The park’s natural habitat provides habitats for many species. In addition, it offers a sheltered corridor of lush vegetation. The Chessie Circle Trail, a seven-mile trail, is also a great choice for hikers.

Middlegrounds is part of the Metroparks of Toledo, an organization that has more than 12,000 acres of protected natural land. Visitors can enjoy nature and wildlife, and explore the history of the area.

The preserve is also home to the only public treehouse village in the United States. Monthly Teas of the Manor House are a popular event, as volunteers give tours of the mansion.

Another interesting attraction is the Swan Creek Swinging Bridge, which features beautiful trees. The sound of rushing water is soothing.

Attractions in the Toledo area

Middlegrounds Metro Park offers a variety of attractions and activities. The park is located along the Maumee River and was built with sustainable practices in mind. It also features a scenic 1.5 mile walk/bike path and a natural system to clean runoff from the river.

Another popular attraction is the Swan Creek Swinging Bridge. The bridge provides a serene sound and views of the rushing water. There is also a playground and a pavilion. A 22-foot tall arch pays homage to the indigenous plants and animals of the area.

You can also visit the Toledo Zoo and Aquarium. There you can enjoy a wide range of exhibits, from animals to birds, and see exotic species like stingrays, horseshoe crabs, and African silverfish. This zoo also offers behind the scenes tours and special programs.

Another great place to visit is the Toledo Museum of Art. The museum is known for its incredible photography, artworks, and educational programs. Visitors can take guided tours and experience rotating exhibits. Browse next article.



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