Swan Creek Preserve Metropark

Swan Creek Preserve Metropark

Located in Toledo, Ohio, Swan Creek Preserve Metropark is a regional park that is managed by Metroparks Toledo. The park is home to several miles of trails that allow visitors to get out and enjoy nature in a unique way. It also serves as a resting and feeding ground for migratory birds.


One of the best places to while away a sunny Toledo afternoon is at Swan Creek Preserve Metropark. This 441 acre oasis offers a number of amenities to keep the kiddos entertained including a playground and swinging bridge. The best part is it’s free. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could take the plunge and rent a kayak or jet ski for a few bucks. The plethora of trees and shrubs provides ample shade for the more intrepid members of the species. If you don’t fancy getting up close and personal, you can always huddle up on the grass and frolic. A quick tour of the park’s amenities will reveal a few surprises.

There is no question that the tli tli ain’t the greatest, but if you’re looking to unwind or get a little active, Swan Creek is where the action is. Not only is it home to a large number of families and their offspring, it also happens to be the location of the largest buckeye population in Ohio.


The trail system at the Metroparks Toledo is constantly evolving with new additions and construction projects. The most recent project is a new 1.5 mile trail in the Swan Creek Preserve.

This new trail has been funded by a federal grant. It will connect the Swan Creek Preserve with the University of Toledo Medical Campus. It also links with the Arlington Avenue bike/pedestrian path. It is an important part of the overall park and will provide a safer connection for students and residents of surrounding neighborhoods.

This new trail is the latest addition to the south Toledo metropark. It will take visitors high into the tree canopy, allowing them to see the park from a different perspective. It will also include two steel bridges and a birds-eye view of the creek below. It will connect to all the walking trails in the preserve.


The Swan Creek Preserve Metropark in Toledo, Ohio is an urban oasis. This area is home to several miles of trails. It is also a popular feeding ground for migratory birds.

The park includes two playgrounds, indoor and picnic facilities, and scenic overlooks. There is a beautiful riverside walking path and a swinging footbridge. It is an ideal place to spend time with your family or friends.

The new 1.5-mile trail is the latest addition to south Toledo’s Metropark. The project is funded by a federal grant and cost $3 million. It is a part of a larger project that will connect the Brookwood Area to undeveloped land in South Toledo. It will also allow users to travel to the University of Toledo Medical Campus and Byrne near Arlington.

Feeding and resting ground for migratory birds

Swan Creek Preserve Metropark is one of the many great metroparks in Toledo. The park has many different features and is a great place to explore the local wildlife. The park is also a great place to spend time with your family.

The park is located in south Toledo, Ohio. The park spans 441 acres. It includes several miles of trails. The park offers a variety of attractions including two playgrounds, a scenic overlook, a swinging bridge, and indoor picnic shelters.

Another feature of the park is the Toledo Botanical Garden. The plant display gardens include 8,500 plants. This garden is a perfect place to enjoy spring’s wildflowers. It also has a pond lined with waterfowl. The zoo is a short walk away. The zoo features over 720 species of animals. The Toledo Zoo holds a number of events throughout the year.

Environmental impacts

The newly constructed Swan Creek Preserve Metropark features a pavilion, playground, and easy-to-use multi-purpose trails. A boardwalk provides access to a 200-acre tributary of the Maumee River. The area is also home to over 140 state and federally listed species.

A new trail will be constructed in the Swan Creek Preserve to connect to the University of Toledo Medical Center. The path will begin at the parking lot off of Airport Highway and follow the existing aggregate path for approximately 3,000 feet. It will then continue along a new alignment through the preserve. The path will also include three bridges over Swan Creek. The project is estimated to cost $12 million. 80% of the cost will be covered by a federal grant.

The project was financed through a Great Lakes Legacy Act (GLLA) grant. The EPA has made significant progress on contaminated sediment remediation. It has worked with local, state, and federal partners to address the underlying causes of contamination. It has also helped address habitat restoration.



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