The Difficulties of Cleaning Your Own Gutters

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Clean gutters could be the difference in a roof that lasts for decades or one that needs significant damage in just a few years. Properly maintained gutters can also prevent severe damage to your foundation (which in turn could cost thousands to fix). Costing approximately $150 per cleaning, is it worth it to hire a professional cleaner or should you try it yourself? Before you do, here are some of the difficulties you will likely encounter when cleaning your own gutters.

Ladder Use

If you don’t already have a ladder, you are going to have to invest in one before you can clean your gutters. Simply put, if you don’t have a ladder, you won’t be cleaning. The entire cleaning process will have you moving up and down the ladder for hours at a time. This is hard on your legs, back, and can put yourself at risk if you have an old or unstable ladder.

Heights and Falls

Speaking of risk, being up in the air while working on your gutters means you have a significant chance of falling. Nearly 180,000 people in the United States injure themselves every year while climbing a ladder. This can cause broken bones and other serious injuries. Being on a ladder is also a challenge if you experience vertigo or are afraid of heights.

Other Challenges

Gutter cleaning is a very laborious task and can take up an entire weekend—just to not finish properly. When cleaning your gutters, especially with DIY products, you run the risk of not cleaning your gutters thoroughly. This could cause debris to clog quicker, make professional cleaning cost more, or have you up the ladder again before you should be. Unlike professional gutter cleaning companies, you may not have the experience to spot roof damage before it becomes too serious; something that could be costly in the long run.

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