The Real Talk on DIY Roof Cleaning

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You’re ready to get outside and do some serious yard work.  One of the to-dos on your list is roof cleaning so that you can free your shingles from debris and build-up over the year. If you’re like most people, you’ve considered the option of renting a pressure washer or power washer and trying it out yourself, right?  However, there’s some real talk about roof cleaning that you should read — especially about DIY roof cleaning — before you head out and rent your own machine.

The benefits:

            There are, of course, perks to going for a DIY approach to roof cleaning.  Here are the leading options for most homeowners.

  • Don’t need to pay for a contractor: Firstly, you save some serious dough when it comes to the idea of using yourself as the operator of the washer rather than a professionally priced contractor. If you are tight on funds, this may be the main reason that you considered DIY options.
  • Work on your own schedule/timeframe: Contractors work during business hours and have set timeframes and appointment bookings. If you want to work on your own schedule, you can rent a machine and try working on your own schedule when you are free. 

The risks:

            However, going with DIY roof cleaning is going to also offer up a lot of risks that you may not want to gamble with.

  • A damaged roof can be easy (read: easier) to slip on: If your roof is already compromised from debris and weakening shingles, it will be even easier to slip, fall and seriously hurt yourself (as well as your roof).
  • You’ve got a lot of start-up costs: It’s not just the pressure or power washer that you’re going to have to rent. You’ll also need safety gear such as glasses, gloves, a helmet and sturdy, non-slip shoes or boots.
  • It’s dangerous without experience: It seems obvious, but it’s important to say.  Cleaning a roof with no training or expeirence is very, very dangerous. It’s dangerous even if you have a flat membrane roof!  It’s not recommended to ever go up on your own roof if you don’t know the ins and outs of safe movement.

The verdict:

            While you may be tempted to take on roof cleaning yourself after watching a few YouTube videos, it’s best to think again. Sure, it may be kind of fun to consider when it comes to the tools and the thrill of being up 20’ (yikes!) but there is a whole lot of risk possible for both yourself as well as your roof. When considering the option of taking a DIY approach or going with a professional for roof cleaning, you really have to take all of thos aspects into consideration!            

At the end of the day, the choice is ultimately yours.  However, unless you are a professionally trained roof cleaner, the safest bet is always going to be hiring a professional for a cost-efficient, timely and professional-quality roof cleaning. It will always work out to your advantage, even from a financial angle. 

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