Why is Gutter Cleaning So Important?

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Gutter cleaning is part of home maintenance just like many other household jobs. Without doing it, the home is at risk for certain things. If you are trying to figure out why gutter cleaning is so important, there is a simple answer. It is one of the ways to keep the home in good shape. Just like keeping up with paint and the lawn, gutters need regular maintenance in order to continue functioning as they should. There are many more specific reasons why gutter cleaning is important that homeowners should make sure to know. 

Leaving gutters uncleaned can lead to roof damage. Roofs are subject to a lot of wear and tear as it is, but buildup in gutters can speed up the process. Roofs are protected by casings to keep the shingles from getting harmed by external substances. Unfortunately, fungal growth and waste can eat away at such casings. By not cleaning gutters, you are likely allowing the built-up materials to attack parts of your roof, which can do damage to it. When roofs are not working as they should, they retain hot and cold air worse than they are supposed to. This means that you not only have to pay for a new roof, but also for more expensive air conditioning. 

In the same way that buildup can damage roofs, it can damage the rest of the house as well. Products of waste from gutters that end up getting on siding or decks/porches can ruin paint over time and harm wooden structures. All of this also produces added expenses, which can be a nightmare to deal with. Dirty gutters can develop rust, grime, and growth that spreads to other areas of the house, and this can severely damage your home if not properly dealt with every year. 

And, with both of these issues combined (roof and house damage), the foundation of your home can be hurt as well. When so much of the rest of the house has been affected by the damage of the gutters, the foundation is the next victim. Bacteria and unwanted growth can spread to foundations and do damage to the ‘bones’ of homes with ease. It might seem like a stretch, considering the fact that gutters are such a minimal part of the home, but be assured that without proper maintenance, these other harmful things can and will occur. 

The best way to stop harm to the home in this way is to simply have the gutters cleaned. A good rule for this is two times a year, though if you live someplace that is near more trees or foliage you may need to have them seen more than twice. By having a company take care of your gutters, you can avoid so much other trouble that could arise and know what your home is safe. In the end, while cleaning gutters may seem unimportant compared to all of the other household jobs, it can be a lifesaving activity. 

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