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We can remove years of dirt and stains from your home and bring it back to life with our house washing service. Whether your home has concrete, brick, stucco, wood or vinyl surfaces we have the best tools, techniques and cleaning solutions to safely and effectively wash your home. It’s always a good time to get a house wash, whether you want to simply enjoy your home to its fullest, or if you are planning on selling your home, getting an affordable house wash is one of the best investments you can make for your home. To get a free quote or consultation for your home’s house washing needs please contact us today.

Benefits Of Our Toledo House Washing Service

Safety & Protection

Having an uninsured house washing company service your home leaves you liable to house damage without guarantee of compensation. With Titan, you can have peace of mind knowing that use implement safe cleaning methods and your home is protected with our insurance.

100% Satisfaction

When we say 100% satisfaction we truly mean it. We will provide you a professional and excellent house washing service that meets all expectations. If we can't live up to that promise for any reason, you don't have to pay us a dime. That's just how we do business.

365 Day Guarantee

For any customers that hire us for our premium house washing service, we ensure them not only the best cleaning possible but also that the results will continue to last. If any algae return to your home within 365 days we will clean it absolutely for free, no questions asked!

Vinyl House Washing

When providing house washing for homes with vinyl siding, it is imperative that the service provider is cautious and utilize safe cleaning practices. Using high pressure on vinyl siding can cause damage or leave streaking on your home. We utilize powerful cleaning detergents and heated water to perform our cleaning so we don’t have to rely on high pressure in order to wash your home. We’re a leader in our market for using the safest and most effective vinyl house washing practices and products available in the industry.

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Brick House Washing

When cleaning brick surfaces whether on the ground or on your home, a nuanced and professional approach is needed for optimal cleaning. Because brick is porous in nature it can hide a lot of dirt and debris in its nooks and crannies. Bricks porous nature also means that it can be fragile and easily cracked. When we clean your home’s brick material we will lower the pressure if we see that your brick material is aged or weathered. If the brick is strong and new then we can utilize more pressure to provide a deeper level of cleaning. To get a safe, yet effective brick house washing consultation, contact us  anytime, we’d love to be of service to you.

Siding Cleaning

Having a BBQ or a lazy afternoon in your backyard is a delight that every homeowner enjoys! Having your home covered in grime can be a major killjoy to your outdoor experience, however. We love to serve homes and make them look new again! Nothing is better than making a homeowner ecstatic about the way their house looks. That is exactly what we can provide to you with our siding cleaning service. We can wash away every stain and every once of dirt from your home making it look clean and beautiful, so you can enjoy your yard again!

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Complete House Washing Restoration

When we wash your house we not only clean the siding and exterior building material but we can also offer you a complete cleaning package. From head to toe, we can clean your home. We can also provide you a discount by bundling several of our house cleaning services together. We can wash your home, windows, exterior gutters, decks, fencing and even wash your roof as well! If your home needs a complete makeover, Titan House washing is your one-stop shop for any exterior cleaning needs.

Why Choose Titan House Washing?

If you’d like to bring your home back to life all while having a prompt, professional and polite cleaning crew do the work for you, then Titan House Washing is the company for you! We are a small family business vested in the quality and craftsmanship of our services. We love our clients and want to serve them with all we’ve got, after all, you are the bloodline of our business. We believe in serving our clients first and foremost and from that, a healthy and vital business will be the fruit of our labor. Give us a call today  to get your house washed risk-free. If you aren’t absolutely thrilled with the house washing service we provide then we won’t charge you a dime!

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