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Window Cleaning Toledo Ohio

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Having clean windows not only makes your home look amazing it also makes your home feel great! Having fresh and clean windows means you no longer have to cover your windows up, hiding their filth. Let the natural light into your home and soak up the views of our beautiful buckeye state! Enjoy the benefits of having crystal clear windows today. We promise to serve your home with integrity and excellence! contact us for more information or a free quote.

Benefits Of Our Toledo Window Cleaning Service

Safety & Protection

Our window cleaning services are licensed and insured for your protection. Having an uninsured window cleaner up on a ladder on your property is a gigantic liability and a headache you don't need to have. With Titan, you can rest assured your window cleaners are safe and insured.

100% Satisfaction

We promise you a streak-free window cleaning service and an amazing experience with our crew at your home. We guarantee to provide great customer service and professional cleaning. If you are not satisfied with our work you don't have to pay us a dime!

2 Week Rain Guarantee

We want our clients to feel assured that their freshly cleaned windows won't be ruined by an unforeseen rainstorm. If your windows are affected by rainfall within 14 days after we've serviced them, just give us a call and we will come out for free to touch up your dirtied windows.

Residential Window Cleaning

There are many reasons to want to get your windows cleaned. Whether you want to enjoy your home to its fullest or you’re putting your house on the market for sale, our window cleaning services will the perfect solution for your needs. We provide interior and exterior window washing including cleaning of your screens as well as cleaning out your tracks and sills. Once we’ve cleaned your windows they will look brand new again for you to enjoy or to help you sell your home for more money! Take a look at the difference an affordable window cleaning service can make for your home.

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Commercial Window Cleaning

From one business to another, we understand the importance of looking your best. If you have a physical location for your business that customers have to visit to do business with you, then keeping your place of business clean and tidy is of much importance. The exterior of your building is the first thing your potential customers will see and they will make their impression of you based on how you look. We can help keep your business looking its best with our window cleaning service as well as our commercial power washing services. If you need a trusted partner to keep your business looking in tip-top shape, please contact us today for a free building inspection and consultation.

Window Restoration

Windows with years of hard water deposits built up upon them look terrible and are extremely difficult to clean. Fortunately, these windows do not need to be replaced because we can restore them! We can remove years of damage from your windows with our restorative cleaning solutions. Some windows are beyond restoring through our means of cleaning if the glass has been etched from the mineral deposits but this is hardly ever the case. In most circumstances, we can restore your windows and have them looking their best. If you’d like to bring your windows back to life again, call us for a free quote today.

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Why Choose Titan Window Cleaning?

If you’d like to treat your home and enjoy a beautiful view all while having a polite and professional crew carry out the cleaning for you, then Titan Window Cleaning is the clear choice for you! We are a small family business vested in the quality and craftsmanship of our services. We love our clients and want to serve them with all we’ve got, after all, you are the bloodline of our business. We believe in serving our clients first and foremost and from that, a healthy and vital business will be the fruit of our labor. Give us a call today to get your windows cleaned risk-free. If we don’t provide you a 5-star service then we will refund every penny you paid us.

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