What Is The Best Method For Gutter Cleaning?

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Gutters can become clogged for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s leaves, sticks, sloping issues, animal debris, or all of the above—a clogged gutter can lead to more serious foundation issues which can be accompanied by a pretty hefty price, not to mention a pretty scary situation. When considering which strategy is best for cleaning your gutter, it’s important to note that no gutter is perfect. Drastic inclines, and larger widths—though they would provide a more efficient gutter system—do not make practical sense, and rarely works aesthetically and mechanically with certain houses.

Gutters require annual maintenance. Each year you should plan to have your gutters cleaned, and cleared out in order to prevent further damage to your building’s foundation or roof. The preventative measure of cleaning your gutters once a year can help you avoid the high cost of issues associated with foundation or roofing. Gutter cleaning once a year is the minimum requirement, if you have overhanging trees or other elements that could cause potential damage or clogs in your gutter system, you should be inspecting and cleaning at a rate that ensures no substantial damage.

Signs your gutter may need to be cleaned range from the sudden presence of bugs, or other critters, to stain marks, or even plants growing from your gutter. It may be easy to assume you can clean your gutters yourself—and in some cases that’s correct. Much like roofs, the frequency with which you should clean your gutters depends on the climate in which you live. In desert climates, it may be sufficient to wait a year between cleaning as there’s not much hanging trees or shrubbery that could clog your gutters, while in more wooded areas you may have to clean your gutters three to four times a year.

When taking on the task of cleaning your own gutters it’s important to realize that this is no easy task. Though it is possible, it’s a complicated task to be done by an individual homeowner and one that carries a lot of risk to the individual attempting to clean the gutters, as well as risking not effectively cleaning the gutters. Being able to work the cleaning on your own schedule is one of the benefits of taking on this task individually, though. Aside from that, the money saved from undertaking this task by yourself can be a very persuasive idea to many. By using a professional gutter cleaning service you’re not only saving yourself time, and the risk of injuring yourself, but you’re also guaranteeing a thorough and efficient cleaning – something you may not get by attempting this on your own. Proper gutter cleaning also requires equipment that many people don’t have laying around and ready to use.

Regardless of if you hire a professional gutter cleaner, or if you elect to take this task on yourself, proper gutter maintenance is integral to ensuring the structure of your home is sound and performing at its best.

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